Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Second Day of School

The second day of school often gets overlooked and certainly doesn't have the sentimental value as the first day of school. Not as many people will post pictures of their children on Facebook for the second day of school as they did for the first. The level of excitement will have decreased a little by the time the second day rolls around.

The challenge to parents and teachers is to try and keep the students focused on what is important every day of school and to build positive energy toward finishing the year strong. The second day is many times when friendships are strengthened, cafeteria seats are finalized, and the year’s pecking order is becoming clear. The friendships forged during these early days of school will certainly help shape the students’ lives for years to come.

While I love the first day of school, let us not forget the importance of the second day of school and every day remaining in the school year. As parents, we have a lot riding on the school years and as school staff we have the incredible responsibility of helping to nurture the students through these tumultuous years we know as adolescence. 

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