Friday, May 2, 2014

Phone Calls

The Limestone County Central Office has had several calls that the messages that were sent recently were blank. School personnel checked the website and looked at the calls details with the representative. There doesn't seem to be any issues with the calls. School and company officials developed one theory as to why people are having issues with the phone calls.

The system is very sensitive to noises giving it the ability to leave a message on an answering machine/cell phone message. When it hears an extended amount of noise, it waits until the noise ends to begin the message. It thinks the noise is the message on an answering machine. This could be happening to the people that receive a phone call and do not hear a message. We are assuming there is enough background noise (children, TV, at a ballgame, wind, radio, etc.) that the system is mistaking it for a recorded message and it is waiting for silence.

To solve this problem, a person needs only to press 1. This will make the recording play in its entirety.