Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fundraising Overload

I realize we have bombarded everyone with fundraising opportunities this year. Let me assure you we don't enjoy them, but we are just trying to offset the recent losses in funding.

We are trying to find fundraisers such as Boxtops for Education, Publix card, and Deals for Schools that do not require additonal purchases. Instead, these fundraisers give the school money when people conduct their usual transactions. This creates no extra expenses for families, many of which are experiencing tough economic times as well.

We realize that everyone can't participate in every fundraiser, but if you find one that suits your buying habits and are willing to help we are very grateful. We challenged the students to bring in $1000 of box tops to earn the reward of wearing costumes on Halloween and they are $300 short of their goal. It is looking like they are going to reach their goal and we are trying to come up with something for next semester.

Congratulations Gavin Calder

Congratulations to Gavin Calder on being selected Player of the Week by the Athens News Courier. Gavin rused for 276 yards on 41 carries. He also had four touchdowns in the game and lead the way for the Tigers' first win of the year.

Monday, September 26, 2011

AlertNow Message

An Alertnow Message is being sent Monday, September 26 to explain a great new fundraiser for our school. Visit to help our school. Please see the website or blog article for more information.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Deals for Schools

Ardmore High School

Dear Parents, staff and faculty:

We are excited to announce an exciting new way for our school to raise money - emails you great deals of 50% off or more on local, family-friendly products and services such as Restaurants, Shopping, Salons & Spas, Auto Services, Health Services, Golf and Family Fun and more. For every deal that is purchased, they give 10% of their revenue back to our school!

The way it works is simple:

1. Visit and enter your email address and choose your city. You will begin receiving great local offers of 50-90% off that are emailed to you.

2. If you decide to take advantage of a great deal then the school will get a check for 10% of's revenue. This can add up fast!

3. During checkout, simply enter our school's name as the school you would like to support.

Enjoy your savings and know that you helped your school earn much needed funds!

Thank you so much for your support!


Tommy Hunter

Click Here for the Deals for Schools Website

I-Now Fixed in Thirty Days?

Here is an interesting article about our computer system called I-Now. It has been the topic of many "discussions" in school across Alabama. I hope the title of the article is true. Click here for the article.

Monday, September 19, 2011

21 Things That Will be Obsolete by 2020

I do not necessarily agree with all the predictions, but it is an interesting article.

March 2, 2011 | 10:25 AM | By Tina Barseghian
21 Things That Will Be Obsolete by 2020

By Shelly Blake-Plock
The 21st century does not fit neatly into rows. Neither should your students. Allow the network-based concepts of flow, collaboration, and dynamism help you rearrange your room for authentic 21st century learning.

Foreign language acquisition is only a smartphone away. Get rid of those clunky desktops and monitors and do something fun with that room.

Ok, so this is a trick answer. More precisely this one should read: ‘Our concept of what a computer is’. Because computing is going mobile and over the next decade we’re going to see the full fury of individualized computing via handhelds come to the fore. Can’t wait.

The 21st century is a 24/7 environment. And the next decade is going to see the traditional temporal boundaries between home and school disappear. And despite whatever Secretary Duncan might say, we don’t need kids to ‘go to school’ more; we need them to ‘learn’ more. And this will be done 24/7 and on the move (see #3).

The AP Exam is on its last legs. The SAT isn’t far behind. Over the next ten years, we will see Digital Portfolios replace test scores as the #1 factor in college admissions.

The 21st century is customizable. In ten years, the teacher who hasn’t yet figured out how to use tech to personalize learning will be the teacher out of a job. Differentiation won’t make you ‘distinguished’; it’ll just be a natural part of your work.

Wikipedia is the greatest democratizing force in the world right now. If you are afraid of letting your students peruse it, it’s time you get over yourself.

Books were nice. In ten years’ time, all reading will be via digital means. And yes, I know, you like the ‘feel’ of paper. Well, in ten years’ time you’ll hardly tell the difference as ‘paper’ itself becomes digitized.

Bio scans. ‘Nuff said.

A coat-check, maybe.

Ok, so this is another trick answer. More subtly put: IT Departments as we currently know them. Cloud computing and a decade’s worth of increased wifi and satellite access will make some of the traditional roles of IT — software, security, and connectivity — a thing of the past. What will IT professionals do with all their free time? Innovate. Look to tech departments to instigate real change in the function of schools over the next twenty years.

School buildings are going to become ‘homebases’ of learning, not the institutions where all learning happens. Buildings will get smaller and greener, student and teacher schedules will change to allow less people on campus at any one time, and more teachers and students will be going out into their communities to engage in experiential learning.

Education over the next ten years will become more individualized, leaving the bulk of grade-based learning in the past. Students will form peer groups by interest and these interest groups will petition for specialized learning. The structure of K-12 will be fundamentally altered.

This is actually one that could occur over the next five years. Education Schools have to realize that if they are to remain relevant, they are going to have to demand that 21st century tech integration be modeled by the very professors who are supposed to be preparing our teachers.

No one knows your school as well as you. With the power of a PLN (professional learing networks) in their back pockets, teachers will rise up to replace peripatetic professional development gurus as the source of schoolwide professional development programs. This is already happening.

There is no reason why every student needs to take however many credits in the same course of study as every other student. The root of curricular change will be the shift in middle schools to a role as foundational content providers and high schools as places for specialized learning.

Ongoing parent-teacher relations in virtual reality will make parent-teacher conference nights seem quaint. Over the next ten years, parents and teachers will become closer than ever as a result of virtual communication opportunities. And parents will drive schools to become ever more tech integrated.

Nutrition information + handhelds + cost comparison = the end of $3.00 bowls of microwaved mac and cheese. At least, I so hope so.

You need a website/brochure/promo/etc.? Well, for goodness sake just let your kids do it. By the end of the decade — in the best of schools — they will be.

Within the decade, it will either become the norm to teach this course in middle school or we’ll have finally woken up to the fact that there’s no reason to give algebra weight over statistics and I.T. in high school for non-math majors (and they will have all taken it in middle school anyway).

In ten years’ time, schools will decrease their paper consumption by no less than 90%. And the printing industry and the copier industry and the paper industry itself will either adjust or perish.

Let me tell you about a feature of the Notify Me portion of our website I recently discovered. If you have been receiving the Notify Me e-mails you can now receive messages via text messages. If you put your cell number in the box when you registered for the e-mails you do not have to do anything to start receiving text messages. I will only enable the “texting” portion of the messages for urgent messages or cancellations because I know many people pay per test.

If you have not signed up for the Notify Me service you can visit our school website and click on the Notify Me section and follow the prompts.

This is yet another tool to help us communicate with our parents and students.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

AlertNow Message

A phone message will go out today (9-7) at 4:00 to announce the Diamond Club Meeting September 7, at 8:15 at the FNB Community Room.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hunter's Highlights

It is hard to believe, but the first three weeks of school are complete and progress reports will be going out soon. By this time of the year students are getting adjusted to their new schedules, friends, and teachers. Fall is an exciting time around a high school campus and research, experience, and common sense tells us that being involved in school activities makes for a more enjoyable and productive high school experience. Students who are engaged in school typically make better grades and are much less likely to drop out of school. We are proud of our students and are always looking for ways to improve the quality of education for all of our students.

I have been in many classrooms since school has started and I have seen many good things going on. Students and teachers are working hard to make sure we have another successful school year. Our teachers are always looking for innovative teaching strategies that can reach all of our students.

Someone has said, “The only constant in life is change.” I don’t know if that is entirely true, but change is inevitable and most of the time unwelcomed. We have made an attempt to make our middle school afternoon car pick up procedure much safer for our students. Students were walking across a parking lot to get in their car and having to dodge cars leaving with our students. Obviously, this is not a safe situation so now everyone loads through the circle drive and things have been much safer. School dismisses at 3:05 and the last couple of days the car line has been clear by 3:15 so things are running very smoothly. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we try and make our school as safe as possible for our students.

Ardmore High School has partnered with WSLV to carry our football games on the radio and/or live stream them on the internet. We are not sure if all games will be carried live on the radio due to FCC regulations, but the games should be streamed online. We are excited about this opportunity to give our student athletes more exposure, which they certainly deserve. Join each play with home game announcers Tony Fogg and Johnny Tribble, and away game announcers Jeff Hodges and Tony Fogg.

Football, volleyball, and cross country season are moving right along. Players and coaches are working very hard to represent Ardmore High School. We are always proud of the effort and determination shown by our student athletes. We encourage everyone to demonstrate good sportsmanship again this year as we go through the various sports seasons.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Video About AMSTI

Check out this video about AMSTI. Ardmore is an AMSTI school and we feel fortunate to be a part of such a great program. Click here for the link.

What is a DIBEL?

You may have heard the term, DIBELS and wondered, “What is a DIBEL?” The acronym DIBEL stands for Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills. This is a reading assessment used mostly in grades K-6 to determine the reading level of students and to provide teachers with data to help students become better readers. Dana Rhinehart is our 6th grade reading specialist and does a great job administering the DIBELS assessment. She also does a great job sharing data with the other teachers to enable them to help their students.