Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hunter's HIghlights

The past several weeks have shown the generosity of the students and staff of Ardmore High School. Our administrators and coaches participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in order to raise money for ALS research. We have some very generous individuals give large donations and our students donated money as well. All total Ardmore High School will be sending nearly $1700 dollars to help with this worthy cause.

Childhood cancer is a horrible disease and several students in Limestone County have been affected. Limestone County participated in Childhood Cancer Awareness Day by dressing like super heros. Students at Ardmore actually dressed in their favorite super hero t-shirt at the pep rally and at the game Friday night. Ardmore students are always willing to help a good cause.

Our fall sports teams continue to work hard as they represent Ardmore High School. Our cross country team, football team, volleyball team, band and cheerleaders display excellence in their respective activities. I always leave a game or event knowing that it is great to be an Ardmore Tiger.
Mrs. Williams, our FACS teacher, has students involved in a variety of interesting activities. Her parenting class recently celebrated their “children” they are taking care of like new parents. Of course the “children” are really dolls, but students must keep the children with them or arrange for sitters like real parents. The activity is intended to give students some idea of the responsibility required to raise children. This is an excellent learning opportunity for our students.

September is school attendance month in the state of Alabama. We encourage all parents to make school attendance a priority in their households. Sickness and other unavoidable reasons for absences are certainly going to occur during a school year so it is crucial to be here on days when it is possible. It doesn't take long for even the best of students to fall behind in their studies. We want everyone to be in attendance at school on every possible day.