Thursday, August 22, 2013


It is good to find time to reflect. Our e-mail is down this morning so it gives me a couple of minutes for reflection upon the start of school. We have had a stellar beginning to the 2013-2014 school year from my perspective. Students have been extremely well behaved, our teachers and staff have been especially positive and upbeat, and parents have been very supportive. We have had a few glitches as always but by and large everything has gone smoothly.

I think the new method used to distribute schedules was an improvement over doing it in one night. I love the idea of getting everyone together and passing out schedules, but I think we have outgrown that procedure. As Ardmore continues to grow changes in procedure will inevitably follow simply due to the number of students. Having been at a large school, there are things that are possible at small schools that aren’t possible with a high student count. The trick is to balance the new procedures without losing time honored traditions.

With the building of the new gym a lot of reminiscing has been occurring around the school. We have old pictures of how Ardmore looked forty to fifty years ago and you will likely be seeing some things on the website as construction continues on our new gym. It is great to celebrate the past while preparing for an exciting new future. Gyms may come and go but the spirit and pride of the Ardmore people is a constant that makes the community what it has become. 

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