Monday, January 25, 2010

Hunter's Highlights

This past week has been a very busy week at Ardmore High School. The County Tournament concluded this past week with Ardmore making a great showing. All of our teams advanced to the second round, or the finals. Our JV boys and varsity boys made it to the final and played outstanding games, but came up a little short. We had several players will All-County Honors and these names will be posted soon on the school website. Everyone that represented Ardmore High School should be proud at how we were represented.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010 Ardmore will conduct its mid-year CIP review. This is something required by the state and takes a great deal of effort from a lot of people. Ardmore is a great school and we have no doubt our visitors will reach the same conclusion. However, as we say all the time, “When we cease getting better, we stop being good”. We are always looking for better ways to educate our young people and covet honest critique.

It is hard to believe that pre-registration is upon us already. We are starting a little earlier this year due to some computer issues taking place in the summer. Pre-registration is a vital time because decisions will be made that will shape your child’s educational future. We encourage all parents to sit down and discuss your child’s schedule with them and contact us if you have any questions please let us know. Our school website is also a wonderful resource for you.

Congratulations to Dagan Morrow and Kevin Shelton for being selected to represent Ardmore High School as nominees for the Limestone County Spirit Award. One male and one female were chosen from all the county schools' nominees to receive the award. Dagan and Kevin did not win the county award, but this is a huge honor for which Dagan and Kevin are both to be commended.

Ardmore High School celebrates Nation Board Appreciation Month in a couple of ways. Plaques are presented to Mr. Shannon and Mr. Hilliard, who represents the Johnson district which of course feeds Ardmore High School, for all their hard work and dedication. A luncheon is also held at school to recognize all of our board members. We want to thank all the teachers that bring food for the event. Special thanks go to Ms. Wanda Walker and Ms. Debbie Vining for their hard work organizing and planning this event.

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