Friday, December 13, 2013

Hunter's HIghlights

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us. Students are excited about Christmas and completing the first semester of school. Semester exams are a part of the end of a semester experience and they always bring many questions. In just a few days the exemptions procedures will be posted on our website and we ask students, and parents to please read these carefully to avoid confusion. Teachers will be going over these in class as well but if you have any questions please ask.

One of the most common misconceptions about exemptions pertains to absences.  Some think that because an absence is excused, it doesn’t count toward exemptions. All absences count toward exemptions regardless of whether or not they are excused. School events such as field trips do not count, but any non-school sponsored absence counts as an absence and therefore must be considered for exemption purposes. We remind everyone that exemptions exist to entice students to have good attendance and reward students who do not miss school. Many times students are unfortunate and get sick and have unavoidable absences, so exemptions are a combination of hard work, diligence and a little good fortune.

Basketball season is in full swing. All of our teams are working hard and representing Ardmore in an exemplary manner. Since we are a 6-12 school we have many different basketball teams and cheerleader groups so we have many students who participate on these nights which is a wonderful thing. Schools offer extracurricular activities to teach lessons and to give students something to look forward to and enjoy the school experience.

Our annual band Christmas Concert is drawing near and this year we have an added bonus for our students. Students were able to see the concert during school hours for a small admission price of $2. Proceeds went help support our band program. We have in-school ball games to help support our sports teams and this year we have started an in-school band concert. This not only served as a fundraiser but gave all of our student body an opportunity to see what great concerts our band puts on every year. Our band did a great job during the in-school concert and we hope everyone can come out and see the concert on Saturday night, December 14, 2013.

Hopefully within a month or two you will see a new sign in front of the school that will serve as another way for parents and the community to keep up with what is happening at AHS. Thanks to the fundraising efforts of Mr. James Shannon and the generous gifts from First National Bank, Butler Realty, Senator Bill Holtzclaw, and Representative Dan Williams we have been able to purchase a sign for the front of the school. The sign is currently being bid through our central office in accordance with the state bid law. The great thing about the sign is that we do not have to spend any local school money to purchase the sign so we can continue to use our money to supply things are students and teachers need on a daily basis.

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