Thursday, November 7, 2013

Teacher of the Year

We would like to congratulate Mr. Michael DeFiore for being selected the AHS Teacher of the Year.  This year Mr. DeFiore is teaching 7th and 8th grade science classes.  In years past he has taught high school science/biology classes and  was a middle school scholar's bowl coach.  Several of Mr. DeFiore's former students have submitted some encouraging thoughts that we would like to share.

Mr. DeFiore is that single ray of sunshine shining through the clouds on a rainy day.  He warms my heart!  He's one of Ardmore's greatest supporters in our athletics.  He's not only at our home games, but games 30 minutes away.  He reaches out and connects with this students.  I feel sorry for anyone who hasn't met him.  I just love him and the smile that's always on his face! 

Mr. DeFiore cares about his students and loves his job.  He always makes learning fun.  He goes to every game to support his students.

He is a very energetic and entertaining man.  He loves everybody and sees the potential in each and every student.  He does his best to bring that potential out.

He always asks about your day.  He believes everyone can do anything they want.  He is always happy and makes your day.  He impacts your life because he makes you enjoy school and science.  Everyone loves his class.

Mr. DeFiore is an amazing teacher.  He always tries to make class fun.  The way he teaches keeps kids interested and loving whatever he teaches.  He will always be my favorite teacher.

Every student's favorite memory of Mr. DeFiore in the 8th grade is when he "fermentated" on his desk in front of his classroom.  He would demonstrate by falling on his desk and gasping for air.  We will never forget his enthusiasm for his job and his love for his students.  The class of 2014 will always cherish our middle school years with Mr. DeFiore.

Mr.  "Mike" DeFiore has been a resident of the North Alabama community for his entire adult life. He is 60 years of age,and has been married to the former Carol Oden for 34 years. He has two adult daughters, Kristen and Marcia, both of whom are graduates of Sparkman High School. After an almost 30 year career in industry, Mr. DeFiore returned to school to pursue a degree  in education and has spent the last eight years teaching middle school science at Ardmore High School. In his spare time Mr. DeFiore enjoys volunteer work at Clearview Cancer Institute. He enjoys collecting, restoring and using antique shaving equipment. He also collects, restores and wears antique timepieces. He also very much enjoys spirited rounds of golf with his wife.  Mr. DeFiore has a degree in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and a degree in Education from Athens State University.   

We are very fortunate that Mr. DeFiore has chosen teaching as his second profession and the AHS community is blessed to be a part of Mr. Defiore's life.  Congratulations again, Mr.DeFiore, AHS Teacher of the Year!

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