Friday, October 5, 2012

Hunter's Highlights

Picture Day culminates a week full of activities, but really every week is full of activities. Next week of course is especially full due to homecoming week. Ardmore will have its usual week full of crazy costumes and fun along with a parade. Homecoming is always a fun week for students and we are sure this year will be no different.

It is hard to believe it is already October and volleyball season is winding down. The Lady Tigers recently held Senior Night, which is always the last regular season home game, to honor their volleyball seniors. The county and area tournaments are coming up in the next two weeks and we are excited about our chances this year in volleyball. Our coaches and players have worked very hard to make this a great year.

Our football team continues its winning ways as well. Midway through the season our team is 4-1 and excited about the possibility of making the play-offs for the first time in a long time. The coaches and players are to be commended and we look forward to seeing what the remainder of the year holds in store.

Cross Country is the newest sport at Ardmore, but it is really catching on. Our Cross Country team improves every year and we are now beginning to be very competitive in the matches we attend. Many of the athletes we compete against have been running for many years and this makes a lot of difference in races. The athletes continue to work hard and we know they will do a great job during the remainder of the year.

Our band is having another exemplary marching season. The show this year consists of songs from the group Alabama. Our band is doing an outstanding job performing the songs and the crowds are enjoying the show. The band has one more marching competition remaining this year and we know they will continue the excellence they have shown thus far this year.

A group of young people valuable to our school is our cheerleaders. Our cheerleaders do an outstanding job at pep rallies and at the ball games. The cheerleaders work very hard during the entire year. The summer is spent practicing and since they cheer for football and basketball, they are busy all year. Our coaches and cheerleaders are dedicated to our school and do an outstanding job of helping with our school spirit.

We are very fortunate here at Ardmore to have such wonderful students, parents, and staff. We have a loving community that takes a lot of pride in their school. Our school continues to strive to provide a world-class education for our students and we are very appreciative for the place we call home.

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