Friday, January 20, 2012

School Board Recognition Month

January is School Board Appreciation Month in the State of Alabama. School board members have important duties to carry out in order to ensure our students have quality schools. The economic times of today make being a school board member even more difficult. We are fortunate in Limestone County to have school board members that work diligently to help improve the education of our students.

Ardmore is particularly blessed to have two outstanding board members representing our district. Mr. James Shannon and Mr. Anthony Hilliard currently represent the districts served by Ardmore High School. Mr. Shannon represents the Cedar Hill and North Ardmore High School district and Mr. Hilliard represents the Johnson Elementary and South Ardmore High School district.

Mr. Hilliard was elected to the Limestone County Board of Education in November of 2006. Mr. Hilliard is married to Mrs. Veronica Hillieard and they have a daughter that recently graduated from Ardmore and a daughter currently attending Ardmore High School. Mr. Hilliard works at Calhoun Community College.

Mr. Shannon was elected to the Limestone County Board of Education in November of 2002. He became the first person in Alabama politics to be elected by a write-in vote. Mr. Shannon has driven a bus for Limestone County Schools and is retired from Shannon Brother’s Tile Company. Mr. Shannon is a life-long resident of Ardmore and is married to Mrs. Barbara Shannon and they have two daughters.

When you see our board members please remember to thank them for their service to the students of Ardmore High School.

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