Monday, January 9, 2012

Alabama High School Graduation Exam

Ardmore High School got very good news today. All of our students have passed the portions of the Alabama High School Graduation Exam they need to receive a diploma. In order to receive a standard diploma a student must pass all five portions of the AHSGE. A credit based diploma can be received by passing Reading, Math, and one other part of the AHSGE. Students receiving special services may receive an AOD by fulfilling certain requirements set forth in their IEP. All of our students have not passed all five portions of the AHSGE, but all have passed enough to graduate.

We will certainly continue to work with students to ensure they pass all parts of the graduation exam, but it removes a little pressure to know they will be able to graduate with a diploma. We are very fortunate to have so many dedicated students and teachers. We have started using an intervention time each day to help remediate for the graduation exam. We have students passing portions of the graduation exam they most likely could not have passed had it not been for this time each day. All of our teachers work hard, but the teachers teaching the remediation classes for the AHSGE have especially went the extra mile to help our students.

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