Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The weather has caused a great deal of chaos this school year and brought many negative things to our community. Unfortunately none of us have any control of the weather and must make plans to deal with whatever might occur. With the prediction of possible severe weather we have a plan for during the school day and should something occur while we are at graduation.

If we enter under a tornado warning during an event such as graduation, the locker rooms of the gym have been determined by the EMA to be a very safe place for students. The students in the gym will be directed to the locker rooms; however since everyone will not fit in the locker rooms the doors of the school will be open for everyone else to get in the halls.

If severe weather occurs during a school day and we are in the halls due to a tornado drill we do not call students to the office to check out. We will tell parents where their child is located in the building and they have the option of joining their student in the hall or taking them home to their safe place. Parents take their child home at their own risk and we can not release students to anyone other than their parents while under a tornado warning.

There is no perfect severe weather plan and we are certainly open to suggestions to make our school safer. We have great parents and we try to be good stewards of your most prized possession while they are under our care.

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