Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Awards Day

Ardmore High School recently had its annual Awards Day celebration and over 1.2 million dollars of scholarship money was earned by the class of 2011. The Awards Day ceremony is always a big event for our school,especially our seniors and their parents. It is the first time they have worn their cap and gown and it really dawns on the seniors (and their parents) that this is really it, and they are close to graduation. Awards Day is a time to celebrate the positive things that have occurred during the school year and reward those that have worked so hard. We also honor underclassmen that have achieved high averages in each subject area.

A new feature of this year's Awards Day was the Top 5 Senior Roast. This year we actually had six because of a tie, but the seniors with the top averages asked teachers to make a short speech about them. The speeches are meant to be a little funny and share some insight as to the "real person" behind the averages. Hopefully this was a fun event for everyone and we look forward to this in the future.

The next big event on the school calendar is graduation, and we are all praying for dry weather, but we will be in the gym if it does rain. We are sure to have a crowd as we send the seniors out into the world.

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