Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hunter's Highlights

Halls have been barricaded, students stressed, bells cut off, desks moved, teachers nervous, and administrators on edge this week at Ardmore High School. Nothing bad, just another administration of the Alabama High School Graduation Exam. The graduation exam is given several times during the school year and it does pose a scheduling dilemma, but at the end of the day our students always perform wonderfully thanks to their hard work and excellent preparation provided by their teachers.

Friday night, September 24, 2010 at the Clements football game a very special fundraiser will take place. Lauren Elizabeth Bates who was born prematurely and spent weeks in the Huntsville Hospital NICU, will be the guest of honor. Lauren is the daughter of Asst. Principal/Athletic Director Rusty Bates and Kristen Bates, who is a teacher at Cedar Hill Elementary School. Lauren is doing wonderfully thanks to the grace of God and the skill and dedication of the doctors and nurses at the NICU. “Playing for Premies” is a fundraiser designed to raise money and awareness in support of Huntsville Hospital NICU. Please come out to the game and support our football team, cheerleaders, band and lend your support to a wonderful cause.

The week of September 27 is Homecoming Week for Ardmore High School. Many school spirit building activities will take place during the week culminating with the football game versus Priceville. Students will dress up in a different fashion every day and the annual parade will take place on Thursday afternoon at 4:00. Please check our school website for all the details associated with homecoming.

The Ardmore High School Graduating Class of 1985 recently held their class reunion and toured our school. Although it hasn’t been that long ago, many changes to Ardmore High School have taken place since that time. Our own Ms. Rhinehart was a member of the class and during the tour many stories were shared about what happened in a particular spot back in 1985. Many may not know that the new gym wasn’t used until the next year and the members of the Class of 1985 never got the opportunity to use the gym. We always look forward to hearing about the days of old (or not so old) here at Ardmore.

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