Friday, September 10, 2010

Hunter's Highlights

The school year continues to move along very quickly. Our students have many activities to choose from during this time of year. Our juniors and seniors recently visited a Career Fair at Athens State University in order to help them make wise decisions concerning their future. Our students, once again, represented the school admirably. Bus drivers and chaperones all reported our students behaved and showed everyone what great students we have at Ardmore.

Our sports teams continue to represent our community and school in a wonderful manner. Our volleyball team is on a winning streak and is having a great season so far. The varsity volleyball team recently placed second in the Elkmont Tournament. Our JV and MS teams are also having a great season so the present and future looks good for our volleyball team. Our football teams are also doing great. Our varsity team has played two very talented teams, but has played hard and we know their hard work will pay off and we are looking forward to a great season. Our JV and MS teams have played hard and our MS team is currently undefeated. We hope everyone will continue to support all of our teams as they work hard to represent the school and community.

Our band has also thrilled the crowds with their half-time performances. Our band will perform at the East Limestone Band Exhibition next week on September 16. We hope everyone will come out and watch our wonderful band as they show how much their hard work has paid off. Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Rhinehart have once again done a great job preparing the students for this season. Our cheerleaders are also doing their usual wonderful job exciting the crowd and supporting our teams.
Progress reports recently were issued to students. We continue to have computer glitches with the new data program the state has mandated called I-Now. Our central office staff and our local school staff have worked tremendously hard to iron out all the issues with the new computer system. We are hoping that very soon we will be able to issue parent passwords which will allow parents to keep up with the progress of their students. We ask for your continuous patience as we work through the computer issues.

Our school clubs will have their first meetings Wednesday, September 15, 2010. Our students have several clubs from which to choose because we know that the more “connected” our students are to the school the better our students will enjoy school. We continue to encourage our students to attend school every day because we know that student achievement is strongly linked to student attendance. When you child is sick or has a doctor’s excuse please remember to send a note and encourage your child to bring the note to the appropriate office in order to have the excuse entered into the computer. Board policy dictates that students have three days to bring in the appropriate excuse.

The support from the Ardmore community continues to be the best anywhere. We truly appreciate how this community comes together to support our school. We truly feel that the whole Ardmore community is one big family!

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