Monday, December 14, 2009


Exemption procedures are many times confusing to parents, teachers, students, (and administrators). We want to make sure everyone is aware of the procedures we use here at Ardmore High School. Students may exempt their semester exams in accordance with the policy listed in the student handbook. Students that are exempt are not required to attend on the day the exam is given. Students that exempt all exams will not be required to attend school Thursday and Friday of this week.

Teachers will be handing out exemption forms on Tuesday and your student should bring this form home to be signed and return the form on Wednesday. This form will serve as the check-in/out form in case your child doesn’t exempt all their exams. This will let you know when they are expected to be at school and will give us permission to dismiss them when they do not have an exam. Students will not be required to go through the office when leaving so you can make arrangements with your child as to the location you will pick them up. In order to cut down on confusion students may only check-in/out one time during exemption days.

If your student should decide to check-out on Friday after the exam they must bring a note from you on Friday giving them permission to check-out. We can not allow a student to check out from a phone call so please send a note or physically come to the school to pick up your child. We hope everyone enjoys the break and has a Merry Christmas.

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