Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Without volunteers school could not function. Volunteers come in many shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. We have employees that are many times volunteers. For example, when the school is hosting a major event they are there working behind the scenes to make it happen. They are not required to be there and truly it isn’t related to their job other than the fact they work at the school and support everything that takes place related to the school.

Parent volunteers are also vital to schools. Many parents work tirelessly to help provide opportunities for their child to participate in a top notch program. Anytime they are called upon they respond selflessly. These are the parents that allow schools to have the extras that would not be possible with just normal efforts.

Then you have people who just love the community and the school and really have no current ties. Maybe at one time they had students that attended and may have grandkids one day, but they just love the school and the community and want to be a part of something positive for their town.

There are always naysayers that claim these people have hidden agendas and are only out to promote themselves or their kids. Maybe there occasionally is the person that fits this category, but in small towns like ours thank goodness there are those that do not pursue a personal agenda, but truly just care about their community and school and want to make sure things are done in a first class manner. 

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