Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Days

I remember as a boy looking out the window in great anticipation watching the snow fall and hoping for enough to build a snowman or make snow cream. I remember thinking that since it always seemed to quit when I was watching it that somehow it was better just to wake up and find it on the ground. As I have grown older and started working in the education field, my love of the snow has somewhat changed to dread. While I still enjoy a good bowl of snow cream and don’t really mind making a snowman, the chaos that ensues during the school days affected by the mention of snow seems to outweigh the excitement.

Forecasting weather in North Alabama is a precarious proposition so people tend to get excited when the “s” word is mentioned on the Six O’clock News. Recent events in Birmingham and Atlanta show what can happen in the south. We know from our own experience that days leading up to a snow event and days following can impact schools due to our county being relatively large and the way snow bands move in the south. It is possible for Tanner to get a couple of inches and Ardmore not get a flake.

We ask for your patience during these crazy days. We will get everything made up that was canceled at some time and at the end of the year the education received by the students will be exemplary. You will be receiving “Tweets”, e-mails and phone calls over the next few weeks to inform you of the new dates for canceled events. I hope everyone had a great time while we were out for the snow and is ready to strongly finish the school year.

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