Monday, March 11, 2013

Support Person of the Year

Limestone County Schools, for the first time, is selecting a Support Personnel of the Year. Each school submits a nominee and then someone is chosen from all of the nominees as a county winner. The nominee for Ardmore High School is our tech. specialist Mrs. Allena Fogg. Mrs. Fogg does a wonderful job of keeping our computers running, but this is only a part of what Mrs. Fogg does for our school.

Mrs. Fogg exemplifies what customer service, and “Going above and beyond” is truly about. A quote from one of her letters of recommendation said it this way, “Everyone at Ardmore is accustomed to Allena going the extra mile to insure that the students have everything needed to aid in their academic success.” Another one of the letters said, “Mrs. Allena’s greatest contribution is her genuine concern and compassion for our students.

Many of Mrs. Foggs contributions go unnoticed to many people because that is the way Mrs. Fogg wants it. The fact that we are honoring her will make her uncomfortable and out of respect for her wishes I will not list many of the things she does for us. However, I do want everyone to know that she is a truly special person and this school would not be the same without her. We all love her and want to recognize her as the AHS Support Person of the Year.

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