Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Good News

I periodically look at a certain online newspaper to search for articles pertaining to education across the state of Alabama. I like to stay current on what is happening and many times share the articles I think would interest parents. One day it really struck me that nearly every article on the website was negative.

Many positive things that take place in schools go unnoticed and the positive stories do not seem to make good newspaper articles. School personnel perform countless acts of kindness and compassion every day in schools across the state. However, when a school employee makes a serious mistake it is instantly printed and broadcasted causing many people to have a negative view of education in general. I personally know teachers who take money from their own family’s budget to buy a child shoes they desperately need, new clothes, or a warm coat. These teachers have a heart for children and truly desire what is best for them.

People in the education field have done a poor job of making the public aware of the positive things taking place. This could be due to the humble nature of these individuals or perhaps they are just too busy and focused on their jobs to spread the word. Many of the people working with today’s youth are dedicated professionals modeling a high standard of ethics and compassion.

Of course there are educators who will make mistakes and due to the fact they work with our most prized possession we should expect more of them than other professions. However, it is unfortunate that the general public only hears about the mistakes and not the overwhelming majority of positive actions that take place. I believe if the public knew what went on in schools they would be happy to place their trust in the people working daily to provide a quality education to their children.

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