Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Exemptions Procedures

Here are the Exemption Procedures for Ardmore High School December, 2012

1.     All first period teachers must pass out exemption forms 1st period to their students needing on Tuesday, December 18.
2.     Students will take the form around Tuesday to be signed by the appropriate teachers.
3.     Students must turn in their exemption sheet to their 1st period teachers Wednesday, December 19.
4.     1st Semester Exams will be cumulative and cover material from the beginning of the semester.
5.     The semester average will be used to determine exemptions.
6.     Absences will count for the entire semester to determine exemptions.
7.     The last day students exempting all exams are required to attend is Wednesday, December 19. Wednesday, December 19 WILL count toward the determination of exemptions! Signed forms are pending attendance on December 19.
8.     Students may leave without checking in/out through the office for classes they are exempt.
9.     Students may only check in/out one time during the day.
10. Students NOT exempt and absent will receive an unexcused absence. If they leave campus w/o permission disciplinary action will be taken.
11. First period teachers will collect exemption forms and turn them in to the office before leaving for Christmas break.

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