Friday, November 30, 2012

Hunter's Highlights

This is a busy time of year at Ardmore High School. Actually there isn’t a time of year that isn’t pretty busy, but this is an especially busy time. The Thanksgiving Holiday is past and Christmas is right around the corner. Holiday activities abound in addition to our normal activities making this time of year wonderfully active.

 Ardmore students are always ready to help those in need and the holiday season is an opportunity for them to show their compassion. Our Sr. Beta Club and our Spanish Club are collecting food and other items for needy families in our area. If you would like to help either of these groups please feel free to contact the school for more details.

 Our band recently finished a very successful marching season and the annual Christmas Concert is a great transition in to concert season. We are looking forward to our Christmas Concert this year which will coincide with a silent auction to help raise funds for our band. We encourage everyone to come out and support Mr. Bowman and our band.

 We are always looking for a way to encourage students to bring in their boxtops to earn money for the school. Students raised $1000 worth of boxtops to earn the right to wear Halloween costumes to school. Now we are having a competition to see which room can raise the most money by boxtops (or cash) and the winner will earn a free lunch from Zaxby’s. We are excited about this competition and our students seem to be looking forward to a break from their normal lunch routine.

 Every year Ardmore High School honors our retired teachers. This year was no exception and we had several former school employees return to join us and tell stories of past experiences. We always enjoy this day and the retirees seem to also enjoy the camaraderie they experience. A special thanks goes out to Ms. Walker for coordinating this event as she does every year. 

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