Monday, June 25, 2012

Ardmore chosen to administer the PISA

Ardmore High School has been chosen to administer the PISA this fall. What is the PISA? The Program for International Student Assessment is the correct name of the assessment given to students across the globe. The PISA is the leading assessment used to measure student educational performance across the world. The results of the PISA are used to shape educational policy and revise current laws and standards of the world’s industrialized nations.

Schools are randomly chosen to participate and 15 year old students are randomly chosen to be tested. The data is analyzed from across the country and individual scores are not tabulated or available. We will have more details as school gets closer. Click here for a link with more information.

We feel very honored to have the opportunity to participate in an assessment having national and international implications. We will be able to contribute to information which will help to improve all schools across the nation.

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