Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Coach Mike Jackson for being chosen Ardmore High School Teacher of the Year! Coach Jackson has been with LCS for thirty-one years. Prior to obtaining his teaching certificate he was a volunteer coach seven years at West Limestone and Owens. He is working on his twenty-fourth year of teaching and coaching at AHS. Coach Jackson has a BS degree in Biology and PE and a Masters degree in Biology with an endorsement in General Science. He has taught Physical Science, Environmental Science, Earth Science, and Biology. He has been the department chair for Science for the last seven years. In addition to teaching, Coach Jackson has coached softball, basketball, baseball, and is currently coaching football and golf.

Teaching and coaching have presented many memorable experiences, but there are two that are top on his list. His coaching moment came in the top of the seventh inning in 1993 when he called time out in the final game of the State Softball Tournament to pinch hit for Sissy Vanhouser. He stated, "We met halfway between home and third base.” She said “Coach, I can get on.” He continued, “I let her bat and with the first pitch she dribbled it down third base line and when the third baseman picked up the ball Sissy had already crossed first base which led to the winning run of the State Tourney."

For the past twenty-one years, Coach Jackson has required his Science classes to do a Periodic Table assignment in which each student must draw and print the Periodic Table on poster board as well as memorize the elements and their symbols. When asked about a most memorable teaching experience, he stated, "I had decided to stop the Periodic Table assignment due to the complexity and mass amount of information required. However, I had a student to come to me and say, 'Coach, I would have never passed Science in college if you hadn't pushed me to do the Periodic Table Project.' "

Coach Mike Jackson doesn’t limit his teaching to the classroom. He is certified in AMSTI Science and Motion and takes advantage of the hands-on-learning experience, utilizing the labs that are available from Athens State College. He also implements teaching and learning through various computer software applications and virtual labs. Field trips to The Space and Rocket Center are a highlight for many students of Coach Jackson. Coach Mike Jackson is an outstanding teacher and coach and continues to have a positive influence on many students. We are most privileged that he is at AHS and are proud to have him named as the AHS Teacher of the Year.

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