Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bryant-Jordan Award Program

Many of you may not have heard of the Bryant-Jordan Award Program, but everyone has heard of the namesakes of the program. This is a quote from the Bryant-Jordan brochure about the program: “Alabama Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant and Auburn Coach Ralph “Shug” Jordan earned their reputations as much by their accomplishments off the playing field as by their victories on it.” The program is one of a kind and the state of Alabama is fortunate to have a program that honors students.

The Bryant-Jordan program has two sections. One section is the Scholar Athlete Award and the other is the Achievement Award. The Scholar Athlete Award recognizes high school seniors who have achieved a high level of excellence not only athletically, but academically as well. These students have high GPA’s and ACT scores in addition to their athletic achievements. It is always heartening to hear what great students we have in Alabama that participate in athletics.

The Achievement Award recognizes student athletes who have achieved in spite of an unusual hardship. These students achieve academically and athletically as well, but the focus is on the way they have overcome obstacles. Going to the state banquet in Birmingham, you hear heart-warming stories how these students have overcome physically disabilities, deaths of parents, rough home lives, and many other obstacles in their lives. Each student has a story of triumph and achievement.

Ardmore High School, along with all schools in Alabama, chooses their candidates who then submit paperwork to compete in the area, and then region competition. The region winners advance to the state competition where they compete for scholarships. This is a great program and we are proud to have to outstanding students to represent Ardmore this year. Daniel McNeese is our Scholar Athlete nominee and Allison Hodges is our Achievement Award nominee.

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