Thursday, October 6, 2011


Homecoming can be great time for reminiscing and catching up with old friends. It is a great time for students to have a good time doing things normally not allowed at school. Homecoming is full of traditions and customs passed down through the years. Many times students are still participating in the same activities as their parents did several years ago.

Of course, the culmination of homecoming activities is the football game played on Friday night and the crowning of the homecoming queen. Many people will show up at this game that will not be at another game all year. Some want to see old friends, some want to see how the team is doing this year, some want to see all the attendants and watch the new queen being crowned. Whatever their reason for coming, everyone usually has a good time and sometimes friendships are rekindled.

The current students at Ardmore High School also have a great time during homecoming week. Each day is an adventure with a different theme each day and students wear goofy costumes each day to celebrate. This week provides a little break in the action from the normal routine and students have a good time. The homecoming pep rally is always fun, and the homecoming parade is always a good time for everyone. I hope everyone has had a great homecoming week. However, I must honestly confess I am glad it only comes around one time a year.

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