Thursday, August 25, 2011

Friday Night Football

Friday nights in the fall are special in the State of Alabama. This Friday we play our arch rivals, the Elkmont Red Devils. The pageantry and excitement associated with high school football is hard to match. The stadium is full, the band is playing, cheerleaders are leading the crowd in deafening chants, and the football team charges on the field ready for a victory.

In the heat of battle, we can not forget that good sportsmanship is required to have a truly great night. When both teams are exhausted after leaving everything they have on the playing field and the victors (Tigers) celebrate, only poor examples of sportsmanship can ruin such a perfect night. Even when your team comes up a little short, the focus should be on encouraging the team and getting them ready for the next challenge and not showing a lack of sportsmanship toward the other team or the officials.

I am truly excited about the upcoming sports season at Ardmore High School and I hope our fans will continue to show everyone that Ardmore is a place with pride and class. Our teams did not have a single ejection or fine last year and we know this will continue through this year.

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