Friday, November 12, 2010

Hunter's Highlights

Great things are happening at Ardmore High School. The fall season is so full of activity, coupled with the beautiful fall weather makes this time of year very enjoyable. We have students involved with many different types of activities as the school year proceeds. Ardmore is blessed to have several leadership opportunities available to our students. The Ardmore Chamber of Commerce sponsors a group called the “Chamber Ambassadors” which are exposed to several leadership opportunities and given the opportunity to learn about the business world. First National Bank also sponsors a group called the First National Bank Advisory Board which emphasizes community service and introduces our students to issues associated with business and finance. We are fortunate to have such a wonderful community to help our students.

Our students are also involved with raising money for charities during the upcoming holiday season. Our students have recently been involved in “SolesforSouls” which collects shoes to send to students needing shoes because their families are unable to purchase the shoes they need. Many of our groups help local charities and groups during the entire year, but especially during the holidays.

We will be celebrating the accomplishments of our fall athletes at the Fall Sports Banquet on November 22, 2010 at 6:00 pm in the school gym. We are using the gym this year because we have out grown our cafeteria. Hopefully we will be able to accommodate everyone comfortably as we honor our students for the hard work and dedication.

I know some of you may get annoyed with hearing; “Hello, this is Tommy Hunter, principal at Ardmore High School” which means you are receiving an automated call from the school. This is an excellent communication tool and we try hard not to over-use the service but we do want to make sure parents are informed about things happening at the school. I try to announce major events at school and I send messages when school personnel ask me to make a call to announce their event. We try to set up some groups to not send everyone every call, but sometimes people miss the announcement. We do seem to still be having a few technical difficulties with parents not receiving calls and we continue to try and work out the details.

Basketball season is now in full swing. Our first varsity game is against Clements Friday, November 12, 2010 at Clements. Our middle school, junior varsity, and varsity teams are looking forward to a wonderful year this year. Expectations are high and we know our coaches and players will represent Ardmore in an exemplary manner. Coach Sanderson and Coach Walker always do a wonderful job leading our basketball programs.

Great things are happening every day at Ardmore High School and across Limestone County Schools. Unfortunately, in society bad news is the focus of most of the media and the gossip. We are very fortunate to live in such a great community and have such a great school system filled with outstanding young people. Just remember when you hear bad reports of one student there are thousands that are doing what they are supposed to do and representing their community and parents admirably.

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