Friday, November 20, 2009

Hunter's Highlights

This has been a busy week at Ardmore High School with a lot of things happening. Our clubs met this week so students were able to meet with students having similar interest. Many of our clubs perform community service and our students learn how to become better citizens. We also had various team and group pictures made during the week.

Our Central Office Support Team (COST) visited our school this week to monitor our implementation of our Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP). Teachers have done a great deal of work to implement our plan in order to better serve our students. Everything we do is directed toward the goal of improving student performance. Our visit was very positive finding all of our teachers properly implementing our CIP.

Congratulations to Brenda Morrow for being selected MS Teacher of the Year. Once a month our students vote for the Teacher of the Year on their way to lunch. All of our teachers do a great job, but it is always good to recognize the teachers students select as going above and beyond the call of duty.

Basketball is in full swing with all of our teams having played several games. Our teams are playing great and we know the wins will continue to pile up. All the coaches and players have been working very hard for a long time and their hard work is paying off.
The newsletter isn't sent out every week because we try and update events as they happen by using the school blog and by using twitter. Please feel free to check these to website frequently to get the latest "happenings" at Ardmore High School. The web address for the blog is and go to to follow our school on twitter.

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